Campus & Community Impact

Every gift to United Way has an impact

There’s no doubt about it—your gift makes a big difference in our community. United Way member agencies touch 1 in 3 people in Monroe County every year—making sure they have access to basic essentials, get the best possible education, and find (and keep) stable jobs.

Here’s what your gift helped to make happen

100%of high school seniors enrolled in mentoring programs graduated

84%of people living in transitional housing moved to safe, stable, and affordable housing

26,000rides were provided by Rural Transit so people could get to and from work

2,400tax returns filed as part of the Free Community Tax Service program

6,117books distributed to children aged six months through five years

1,281,984pounds of fresh produce were distributed through food pantries

$1 a week ($52 annual) gift

  • School supplies to help students complete their homework
  • 26 children with a book of their very own to read and enjoy at home
  • A financial planning seminar for up to 50 families with special needs members, providing resources and information they need to support their children in the future
  • Two people with bus transportation to a new job for a month

$5 a week ($260 annual) gift

  • Plant starts, trays, and seeds for 1.5-acre community garden that will provide food for those in need
  • A classroom of kindergarteners with five free books each and a trained Real Men Read mentor for the school year
  • First aid supplies for over 340 individuals with disabilities
  • An eye exam and glasses to an elementary student from a low-income home

$10 a week ($520 annual) gift

  • Support for a match relationship between a Big and Little Brother or Sister
  • Gifts for 20 children during the holidays
  • A flu vaccine to help 52 high-risk, low-income patients prepare for winter months
  • Assistance to a family immediately after a disaster with purchasing items such as food, lodging, clothing, and with meeting other critical needs
  • One month of personalized support for a community member with developmental disabilities

$20 a week ($1,040 annual) gift

  • Complete prenatal services for one low-income uninsured woman in the community
  • Three months (approximately 30 hours) of job support so a person with development disabilities can maintain employment helping them become more self-sufficient
  • Birth certificates for 50 people, which will help them in securing housing, employment, health care, and other necessary resources
  • Materials for a volunteer-built ramp allowing a low-income senior to live at home safely
  • A year’s worth of art supplies to help more than 100 preschoolers enrolled in a high-quality child care program build fine motor and creativity skills

What will your impact be next year?

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