How to Give

How to give to United Way

Using the e-Pledge donation portal

IU’s United Way campaign is conducted through the e-Pledge online portal. You can donate online using payroll deduction, credit/debit card, check, or billing. The deadline to donate via payroll deduction is Wednesday December 13, 2023.

Donate now through e-Pledge!

Printed pledge card

Download, print out, and mail in a paper pledge card mail to donate with cash or *check (*a check number may be used as payment online in e-Pledge).

Please mail completed printed pledge cards to United Way of South Central Indiana, 431 S College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47403.

Download a pledge card! 

Why do you support United Way?

Quotes from 2021 United Way volunteers and donors.

I care about the people in our community and believe that we should all take care of one another.

United Way has the ability to spread our gifts broadly throughout the neediest areas of our community.

Everyone is valuable, no matter their situation. United Way organizations provide support to so many who are in need.

All of the United Way programs change lives in very special ways. And I’ve seen the changes.

Get answers to your questions

Technical difficulties? Contact David Cook, Resource Development Assistant Director of United Way of Monroe County, at

Questions about the campaign? Contact Leah Wolfe, IU United Way Campaign Coordinator, at

Frequently Asked Questions

How to donate through e-Pledge:

The login page should look like your login to any other IU-affiliated page. Close your browser and reopen e-Pledge if the page does not look like this:


  • Your IU username is fewer than four characters long.
    • A small number of IU employees have usernames with fewer than four characters. While the IU system allows usernames of this length, e-Pledge does not. Email for support.
  • Your IU information is incorrect in the e-Pledge system.
    • Human error is real. If you are doing everything right, have a username longer than four characters, and are still getting an error message, please email to verify that your IU information is accurate in the e-Pledge system.

A. When you have chosen a pledge type from the five options listed above and filled in all required fields (such as amount, check number, etc.), you will see this at the bottom of the page near the “Next” button:


If you choose “I wish to designate my gift,” you will be taken to a page with three different options:

  • Choose from the list of United Way of Monroe County’s 24 member agencies.
  • Search organizations to add to your list.
  • Write in one or more 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations for those that do not show up in the search, whether or not they are part of the United Way network.

You may use more than one of these methods to designate your donation, with a minimum limit of $25 per organization for designations. When you designate via write-in, please include as much information as possible to help United Way identify the organization.

A: Because of a technical restriction within e-Pledge, if a user logs out and return to the home page without closing the browser, they are taken to the general e-Pledge login page rather than the IU e-Pledge login page. You will not be able to log in using your IU credentials on this page. Please close your browser and re-open e-Pledge. Still having issues? All roads lead to

A: e-Pledge offers five primary donation options. These are the options:

  • Payroll Deduction: Donations are deducted automatically from your paycheck throughout the year.
  • Bill Me: United Way of Monroe County follows up to request your donation.
  • Check: You can use e-Pledge to record your one-time donation by check before sending your check to (address).
  • Credit Card: You can use your credit card on e-Pledge for both one-time donations or recurring donations.
  • No donation: If you have chosen not to donate this year and would like to record this decision, you can do so via e-Pledge.

A: No. Neither IU nor United Way will access or retain your credit card information.

A: Undesignated donations go toward the United Way of Monroe County Community Action Fund. These funds are used to address the most current and pressing needs of the community, including disaster relief.

A: You have likely missed a required information field. If this is the case, look for red text at the top of the page. This error message should describe the problem and how you can fix it.

A. Not at this time. If enough desire for this option is shown, United Way of Monroe County will consider adding it if it is technically feasible.